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Why Hot Sauce?

Behind every great creation comes an even better origin story.  Why hot sauce? What was the inspiration behind the spicy concoction?  CEO, Lonnie Fowler, has always been passionate about food since a kid.  After defeating the odds of leukemia as a teen, he found a passion for cooking and it continued as he grew older.  He landed his first job as a cook in an Italian kitchen back when he lived in Indiana and continued to work in the restaurant industry for several years. 


After moving to Florida many years ago, adversity struck in 2017 when financial difficulties arose unexpectedly.  What transpired after was something incredible.  He began pondering his passions through the years and also things he was talented at.  Never a fan of the bland, he would kick up many dishes up with spiciness and he would also collect hot sauces wherever he traveled.  The flow of creativity began and Lonnie started experimenting making hot sauces at the house and gave them as gifts for friends and family.  The more he made his hot sauce the more people raved and craved for more.  He then realized it was time to launch his own hot sauce company. 


LaRue's Awesome Sauces - created by passion for all things spicy.  The name is derived from his middle name which is French meaning "the street".   The logo and brand design were fully inspired by his love of the 80's and what better way to represent the name than a skateboarder pepper?  His hot sauce creations are inspired by bringing more balance of heat and flavor to the hot sauce world which is way too saturated in just hot sauces or too much sweet or just not enough flavor.  LaRue's offers an abundance of healthy ingredients, balanced flavors and just the right amount of spice.  Looking for something awesome to kick up your food with a great balance of heat and flavor?  Grab a bottle of LaRue's!!!



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